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Acclaimed author, former White House economic policy director and economist Todd Buchholz connected the dots between local and global markets, the politics that define business environments, and the people who drive it all.

In his keynote speech, Buchholz drew from years of research into financial topics ranging from housing finance to fast-food lawsuits to the influence of competition on our lives as working members of society.

His work in historical economics (New Ideas from Dead Economists, New Ideas from Dead CEOs) brings to light past influences and trends that affect today’s economic landscapes. From Here to Economy is a trusted guide to economic literacy, simply and clearly explained. In Lasting Lessons from the Corner Office, through “compelling and fast-reading narratives” (Booklist), Buchholz examines the great ideas, and some of the failures, of several CEOs and entrepreneurs whose businesses grew to become household names.

In his presentation, Buchholz shared anecdotes related to all.

Buchholz is an experienced and dedicated keynote speaker and media personality who is noted for his sharp wit, candid demeanor, and well-researched arguments on a broad variety of topics.

Click here to see photos of the 2019 event. Thank you, Execs member David R. Randell Photographics.

Click here  to see photos of the 2018 event. Thank you, Execs member David R. Randell Photographics.

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